BEAR FAMILY RECORDS, considered to be a leading specialist in the highest quality compilations of historic sound documents, presents:
The first comprehensive documentation of the sounds and images of black people in Europe pre-1927
Recordings on phonograph cylinders, gramophone discs and films, with both still and moving images, feature people of African descent in Europe from the earliest years of the recording industry and continued after the First World Wa
Music, spoken word and dance, from all styles, categories, languages and natal lands provide a lost but rich resource. Many artefacts may be lost forever, but this project traces the surviving evidence.
The team of internationally recognized experts, compilers and authors responsible for this project includes historian Jeffrey Green from the United Kingdom, discographer Dr. Rainer E. Lotz from Germany, researcher Howard Rye from the United Kingdom and sound engineer Christian Zwarg from Germany.
Black Europe, a boxed set comprising a hardbound, LP-sized book and 44 CDs of music and sound documents, will be released in 2013.

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of Germany, considered to be a leading specialistin the highest quality compilations (incl. profusely illustrated books) of historic sound documents.

Now, after several years in the making, the set will finally be available to the public in October. The edition will be strictly limited to 500 copies, worldwide. All orders received prior to August 1, 2013 will get an individually numbered copy.


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Subscription price, valid until December 31, 2013: € 499.00 incl. free shipping worldwide
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